Allison & Brody

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Whonnock Lake


May, 2019

Love story

Planning a Whonnock Lake wedding is an absolutely NO-BRAINER! Not only is this venue beautiful, it’s well-run, and everything you need is all in one location. Being able to stay at one location ensures your wedding day is more organized, efficient and relaxed! You don’t have to leave to go take bridal party photos somewhere else, and then try to time things perfectly so that you’re back in time for dinner! I love the rustic, natural vibe of Whonnock Lake Center, and it is large enough to host up to 160 guests for dinner.

Check out Allison & Brody’s magical Whonnock Lake wedding below! Brody even surprised Allison, by having their furbaby sign the wedding register with his paw.

Highlights of the day

Brody surprised Allison by having their dog sign the wedding register with his paw!

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