Triple Swaan Nursery Wedding

Angie & Alex



Triple Swaan Nursery


September, 2016

Love story

Angie & Alex got married at Triple Swaan Nursery in Abbotsford on a beautiful day in September last year. It was my first time shooting a wedding at Triple Swaan, and it was fantastic!! They have a gorgeously landscaped lawn for the ceremony location, and the perfect white tent for the reception. There are also so many locations right on the property that lend themselves to stunning photos for the bride and groom and their families and friends!

We had such a blast shooting this wedding. Angie & Alex are super chill, and hilarious. I knew after shooting their engagement session, that these were my people. So many laughs! And their wedding day was the same. Except maybe exaggerated, because their wedding party was equally hilarious. Gah, I’m feeling so nostalgic!! I love my new baby, but can I go back to work already?!

Anyways, I have nothing else to say. Well, except for “please refer me to all your engaged friends.” Ok, now I’m done. Enjoy the images!

Highlights of the day

This was my first time shooting at Triple Swaan Nursery, and it was incredible!

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