The Vancouver Club Wedding

Matt & Vanessa



The Vancouver Club


September, 2015

Love story

This was my first time shooting at the Vancouver Club, and it was stinking DELICIOUS. How can a location be delicious, you ask? Well, i can’t really answer that in any sensical manner, but it was. Just take my word for it. And so were Matt & Vanessa. DEEEE-LICIOUS. Shooting downtown was such a fun change of pace for me, and really made me concentrate more on architecture, angles, and lines, as opposed to the forests and mountains that I’m used to!

These two met at the Blarney Stone at a birthday party for mutual friends, and hit it off immediately. After a night of chatting, laughing and even sharing their first dance, they both became excited about the prospect of having eachother in their lives for the long haul! They compliment eachother so well! Vanessa, sweet like candy (Matt’s words), and Matt, charming and loyal (Vanessa’s words). The thing is, I could have described them the same way after meeting them at their Queen E Park engagement! They are both an open book, and so legitimately interested in other people’s lives and wellbeing. Love you guys!

Highlights of the day

Matt & Vanessa met at the Blarney Stone in Vancouver, and the rest is history!

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