Swaneset Wedding

Kayla & Clayton





September, 2017

Love story

There’s a benefit to being a horrible blogger. In that I get to relive all these memories months and months later!! haha! Felt good to go for a stroll down memory lane with these crazies and their fairytale Swaneset wedding. And I get to see them all again in May when Clayton’s brother and one of Kayla’s bridesmaids tie the knot this coming May! Couldn’t be more excited.

Kayla & Clayton both spent the morning getting ready in Chilliwack. Well, I’m sure Clayton spent like 20 minutes, not the whole morning. Not that we could tell, buddy – you looked HAWTTTT – looked like you took HOURS to get ready! They had their adorable first look on the back porch, and then they all jumped in a limo, and we headed off towards Pitt Meadows. Pitt Lake is super close to Swaneset, and is absolutely stunning, making it the perfect spot for bridal party photos when you choose a Swaneset wedding. It was raining pretty hard at times, but nothing fazed this crowd. They just cuddled up, hid under umbrellas, and laughed the afternoon away!

Having a Swaneset wedding is a no-brainer. First of all, it’s one of the most gorgeous venues from here to Vancouver, and is on a stunning golf course, so it makes photography easy. Secondly, the staff are on FIRE. They’re efficient, they’re prepared, and they’ve got your back in every situation. Thirdly, their catering is to diiiiieeee for. SO SO GOOD. So I was super excited to be shooting there! The ceremony went without a hitch, and the rain had stopped, so we were able to head outside for family photos, and a few more with the bridal party. There was a bear sighted wandering around, but Kayla, Clayton and I had commandeered a golf cart to go take some photos at the iconic front gate, so we didn’t know about it. On our way back we got told by a couple of the guests, and we were stressing, because friends: golf carts don’t go very fast!! I figured as long as I could run faster than the bride and groom I’d be ok…

Reception was perfect. Tons of hilarious speeches, an amazing dinner, and a good ole dance party to round out the night. Thanks again you two!

Highlights of the day

While we were out taking photos on the grounds at Swaneset, there was a bear that made an appearance!

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