Sea to Sky Gondola Wedding

Taige & Cara



Sea to Sky Gondola


April, 2018

Love story

Taige & Cara are from the Bahamas. THE BAHAMAS. And they chose to plan a Sea to Sky Gondola wedding and elope to Vancouver!! I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’re crazy, but…. haha!! All kidding aside, our corner of the world is pretty amazing, so I guess it makes sense, but. THE BAHAMAS.

It was my first time shooting at the Sea to Sky Gondola, so I decided to show up early to pre-scout the location. The weather was gorgeous when I left Chilliwack, and the sun was peeking through the entire drive to West Van. But as soon as I neared Squamish, the clouds started rolling in, and it got dark and rainy. I felt so bad for Cara & Taige! To come all this way for our amazing mountain views only to get fogged in and rained out! I arrived at the top to SNOW. GAH!! And it was windy, so the snow was literally falling sideways. It was soooo cold. When Taige and Cara and their parents arrived, Cara made the call to have the ceremony indoors.

The weather had improved, but it was still drizzling and cold, and since the Sea to Sky has a gorgeous space for hosting events indoors, it wasn’t the end of the world. Cara made her way to the bride’s room to freshen up, and Taige and both sets of parents headed outside to check out the views. When Cara came back up, the sky had completely broken up and the SUN CAME OUT! It was incredible! So another call was made, and the ceremony was moved back outside!! The staff were so helpful and accommodating and I can’t rave about them enough. The ceremony was cold, but it had the most epic views I’ve ever encountered shooting a wedding ceremony. So so stunning. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to shoot an incredible Sea to Sky Gondola wedding, and I’m sure hoping it’ll happen again!! Thank you so much Cara & Taige, and I can’t wait to visit you guys in the Bahamas!!

Highlights of the day

Taige & Cara travelled to Vancouver from the Bahamas, and wanted a wedding with a view - I’d say they accomplished what they set out to!

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