Fraser River Lodge Wedding

Jacob & Nina



Fraser River Lodge


March, 2018

Love story

WOOOEEEE! This Fraser River Lodge wedding was one for the books!! I’ll have to admit, I was nervous when I got Jake & Nina’s wedding day questionnaire back, and read

“bride & groom don’t like photos being taken, so keep it short & sweet”.

Part of me was pumped, because that’s actually exactly the type of client I love to shoot. Couples who appreciate the story-telling aspect of the day, the beautiful and the raw authenticity of real life and who don’t get caught up in manufactured moments and tons of posing. But the other part of me was intimidated, because I’d have limited time to create some kickass portraits! As it turns out, as much as they don’t like having their photo taken, they are one of those couples that are ridiculously easy to shoot. They were so caught up in eachother, that all I had to was follow them around and take pictures.

It was probably one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever shot too. The combination of Raquel from Whitetail Collections and Vanessa, a friend of Nina’s who has an insane talent for floral design, was this mind-blowingly gorgeous, cohesive, rustic glam vibe. And, as always, the Lodge was the perfect backdrop.
Jake & Nina: Thank you for being so chill. Thank you for not getting caught up in the details of the day, and just allowing things to unfold around you, while you just soaked eachother up. It was an absolutely perfect day, and I was honoured to be there.

Highlights of the day

These two literally wrote, “bride & groom don’t like photos being taken, so keep it short & sweet” on their questionnaire! But they had no problem snuggling the afternoon away while I went all photo-ninja on them.

Vendor Love
Venue: Fraser River Lodge
2nd Photographer: Charlene Stam
Hair Stylist: Montana’s Bridal Hair
MUA: Suzanne Dargis
Florist: Vanessa Oddy
DJ: In the Mix Productions

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