Farm Wedding In Chilliwack

Greg & Breanna



Farm Wedding In Chilliwack


August, 2015

Love story

Breanna & Greg had the perfect wedding day. I mean, wedding days are all perfect, in their own unique, sometimes wet and drizzly, way 😉 But these two planned an outdoor farm wedding in Chilliwack, with the help of the two lovely ladies at In Check Events, and it was absolutely stunning. The wedding was set up in a cornfield under the gorgeous iconic Chilliwack landmark, Mt. Cheam, and they had perfect weather. I remember when I was planning my own wedding, soooo many years ago, I desperately wanted a backyard wedding, but it was mid-September, and my mom was just not on board.

As it turns out, the weather would have been fine, but it’s definitely not a given, especially here in the pacific northwest. But these two lucked out, and the entire day was just gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever photographed a bride’s entrance quite as impactful as the one that Breanna concocted, but it suited her to a tee! And the adorable little ring bearers!

It was a blast chasing these 2 lovebirds around, and blogging this makes me so excited for this upcoming year’s couples!

Highlights of the day

This was my first time shooting a bride coming down the aisle on horseback!!

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