Strategy Session [Phone/Video Call]

Have a strong grasp of photography, but need help with something specific? A mentoring video call is perfect for you!

Course Overview

$150.00 CAD
Available weekday mornings
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These are 1 on 1 sessions, in which our experts will guide you on any aspect of photography you may be struggling with, or want to be stronger at.  We can tailor this 1 hour session 100% to your needs, and always go at your pace.  

Whether it’s about on and off camera flash techniques, posing, shooting with backlight, or even running your own photography business, we can help.

What you will learn

Mentor Topic Ideas:

  • Off Camera Flash
  • Pricing for Profit
  • Shooting with Backlight


How do we ensure we get the full benefit of the 1 hour call?

You’ll receive a questionnaire after you register – in which you can outline where you’re at in your photography journey, and to hone in on what you would like to get out of the call

What if I need clarification on something we talked about after the phone call?

We’ll happily answer any follow-up questions via email or phone for one week after the call.

I’m more of a visual learner and would love to practice some flash techniques. Can we do a video call?

Yes, absolutely! We’re fine with video chat and would recommend that over a phone call given the nature of what we do!


Urban Fig Photography, photography by Jete Devisser. Local wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Servicing clients with BC. Wedding, engagement, elopement, connection, Families, Senior Experience Photography shoots. Best Wedding Photographer Fraser Valley. Award Winning Photographer.

Meet Jete – mom, wife, and the most enthusiastic wedding and portrait photographer you’re likely to meet!

With over 10 years of experience shooting and running a photography business, she certainly knows her onions.

She’s clocked up well over 500 shoots, over 150 weddings, and has mentored over 100 workshop attendees in her time. Don’t worry; she’s got this.