Learn Photography in a Day! [Online Course]

Have a nice camera but have no idea how to use it to it's full potential?

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This course is perfect for you if you are shooting in auto or manual mode on a DSLR, and not getting the results you want. We cram a lot of stuff into one workshop, but we've included downloadable pdfs that you can reference if you ever get stuck!

2 Hours of Video Training & 6 Downloadable PDFs

What you will learn

Here is what is included! Video content covering the following topics:

  • Learn how lens choice can impact your photos, and the difference between wide angle, telephoto and macro lenses
  • Improve your photography instantly by learning how to use composition, perspective, and framing to add impact to your photos
  • Step by step instructions to get you shooting in manual mode so that you have the results you want EVERY TIME
  • The exposure triangle; ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed - what these terms mean, and how different settings affect your images

Downloadable PDFs:

  • How to improve your photography instantly
  • How to turn on histogram "blinkies"
  • Step by step guide to shooting in manual mode
  • Exposure triangle cheat sheet
  • Assignments for practice
  • Tips to protect your images - from shooting to long-term storage


How do I access the content to start learning?

Once you have purchased the course, you will get an email from Gumroad with the video files to watch and PDF's to download. You can view these on your desktop or mobile phone. You may also download the Gumroad app here to access the content on your device > https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gumroad/id916819108

Do I get a receipt after my purchase?

Yes, when you receive the email with content from Gumroad, you will receive a receipt for your purchase which you can download.

If I have questions about the online course, can I reach out?

Most certainly. Feel free to email me at hello@urbanfigphotography.com


Urban Fig Photography, photography by Jete Devisser. Local wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Servicing clients with BC. Wedding, engagement, elopement, connection, Families, Senior Experience Photography shoots. Best Wedding Photographer Fraser Valley. Award Winning Photographer.

Meet Jete – mom, wife, and the most enthusiastic wedding and portrait photographer you’re likely to meet!

With over 10 years of experience shooting and running a photography business, she certainly knows her onions.

She’s clocked up well over 500 shoots, over 150 weddings, and has mentored over 100 workshop attendees in her time. Don’t worry; she’s got this.